McGill Facilities


Mont Royal

McGill University's Athletic Complex is situated at the foot of Mont Royal.  This location gives our athletes the access to miles of running trails and scenic terrain to hone their fitness. (Interactive Map)

Tomlinson Fieldhouse

Tomlinson Fieldhouse is the heart of McGill's Track and Field program.  The fieldhouse contains our fast, banked 200m Mondo indoor track, varsity weight room, fitness center, team locker rooms, coach's office and sports medicine services.  Tomlinson Fieldhouse has a hallowed history and continues to host some the fastest athletes and meet in Canada.  It features eight sprint lanes down the middle of the infield. It is also equipped with long jump and high jump pits, a pole vaulting area and a throwing circle for shot put and indoor weight throw.  

Percival Molson Memorial Stadium

Percival Molson Memorial Stadium, located right behind the Fieldhouse and nestled at the foot of Mt. Royal, is our outdoor training site. It offers a scenic venue with a four-lane track around the football field where the Redmen and Montreal Alouettes play. The location gives us quick and easy access to Mt. Royal Park with its extensive running trails which provide a nice change of pace from the harder track surfaces for our middle and long distance runners.