McPhee follows in father's footsteps

McPhee follows in father's footstepsJun 01, 06 Track and Field (W)
By Matthew Wuest, Halifax Daily News
(reprinted courtesy of The Daily News)

HALIFAX -- Aly McPhee is following in the footsteps of her father - moving to Montreal to pursue athletic endeavours.

The Sir John A. Macdonald student won't be playing for the Montreal Canadiens like her dad, Mike, but she will be tearing up the track, and the field, at McGill University.

"I just recently decided to go (to McGill)," said McPhee, between events at the Capital Region track and field championships yesterday at Metropolitan Field in Sackville.

"I was born in Montreal and I really love the city. It's a good school with quality academics and one of the (track) coaches tried to convince me to go there. I guess it worked."

McPhee dominated at the Capital Region meet yesterday, winning the high jump, pole vault and 80-metre hurdles. She could add the 200 and 4x400 to that list before the meet is done.

Mike McPhee, a River Bourgeois native, spent a decade in the NHL, including nine seasons with the Canadiens. The hard-working winger won a Stanley Cup with the club in 1986.

Aly McPhee can barely recall attending her dad's games.

"I have one memory of sitting in the stands when I was really young," McPhee said. "All I remember is putting Styrofoam cups over my ears to cover up the noise of all the people screaming. I couldn't even see the ice.

"I didn't really appreciate it at the time."

McPhee, who set a personal-best of 1.63 metres in the high jump, said getting involved in athletics came naturally.

"My brother's in hockey and my mom runs a lot - in general, we're an active family," she said. "I don't think (my dad) playing hockey influenced me to do anything specific, but he's very motivational and he helps me a lot."